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Watch: Five Pound Apparel

What began as a single act of kindness has now become a lifelong desire to help others. Bryan Simpson is Owner and Director of Awesomeness at 5 Pound Apparel, a retail clothing story founded in the spirit of social entrepreneurship.

Clare Cady

#CLDE18: Hunger, Homelessness and Action to Include Today's Students

Joel Pérez

#CLDE18: Dream Deferred: Broken Promises for Undocumented Students


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The First-Year Seminar: A Program Evaluation of Students’ Public-Affairs Awareness

Similar to the public-welfare aim of many universities, Missouri State University (MSU) was granted a specific statewide public affairs mission in 1995 comprising three pillars: community engagement, cultural competence, and ethical leadership. Since the implementation of this mission, the university has engaged in various efforts to promote and foster public-affairs awareness among students, including through its first-year seminar (FYS). This article details a study conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the FYS in enhancing students’ public-affairs awareness.

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A New-Old Way to Explore Civic Engagement


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