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Watch: Deliberative Dialogue

This video feature excerpts from actual conversations to establish a reference and framework for experimenting with deliberate dialogues in classrooms, campuses, and community contexts.

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Watch: Jana's Story

Addressing domestic violence from the perspective a victim's loved ones


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Transformative Action: A Theoretical Framework for Breaking New Ground

Developed by Paulo Freire, critical consciousness (CrC) is a philosophical, theoretical, and practice-based framework encompassing an individual’s understanding of and action against the structural roots of inequity and violence. This article explores divergent CrC scholarship regarding CrC theory and practice; provides an in-depth review of inconsistencies within the CrC “action” domain; and, in an effort to resolve discrepancies within the existing CrC literature, presents a new construct—transformative action (TA)—and details the process of TA development.

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Scholarly reviews of books on public affairs
Tell your story: community experiences
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Invited Commentary | Aligning Our Pedagogy
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Developing Civically Engaged Citizens with Criminal Justice


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