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Innovative Civic Engagement Pedagogy at CLDE 2018

(Introductory Essay: eJournal of Public Affairs, Special Issue) Those who attended the 2018 Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Meeting (CLDE18) held in Anaheim, California, from June 6 to 9, are aware of the expertise shared and the synergy created among the participants working toward the advancement of civic learning and democratic engagement on campuses and […]


Toward an Innovative Civic Engagement Pedagogy

This article shares the thoughts of recipients of the John Saltmarsh Award for Emerging Leaders in Civic Engagement. The contributions appear in the order in which authors received the award (from most recent to earliest): Hartlep (2018 award recipient), “Critical Storytelling: Publishing as a Vehicle for Increasing Civic Engagement”; Lake (2017), “Activating a Community-Campus Read”; […]

Civic Engagement in the Online Classroom: Increasing Youth Political Engagement in an Online American Government Course

This article discusses the development and implementation of a civics project in an online American government course and explores the challenges and opportunities around managing civic engagement projects in an online format. Data analyzed for this article included 11 semesters of responses to anonymous pre- and post-project surveys, university end-of-course evaluations, Center for Civic Engagement […]

Infusing Creative Energy to Encourage Civic Values and Action in Project-Based Learning and Community-Based Research

Contemporary methodologies of art and design pedagogy offer ways to address pressing societal issues and to improve civic knowledge through purposeful inquiry and action. The creative energy inherent to art and design allows faculty to open dialogues, foster ambiguity, and deepen content for undergraduate students through a number of approaches—from project-based learning in foundation courses […]

Engaging Through Design Thinking: Catalyzing Integration, Iteration, Innovation, and Implementation

In response to the challenges presented by traditional university and classroom structures, this article offers a set of hybrid pedagogical strategies for transdisciplinary, collaborative, community-based learning that responds to a “real-world need” in “real time.” These strategies emerge from “Design Thinking to Meet Real World Needs,” a project-based general education undergraduate course that harnesses best practices […]

Fake It “Till You Make It”: Debunking Fake News in a Post-Truth America

Since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, attacks on the media have been relentless. “Fake news” has become a household term, and repeated attempts to break the trust between reporters and the American people have threatened the validity of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In this article, the authors trace the development of fake […]

Blackmaleness at a Public Regional University

The three exploratory case studies discussed in this article were drawn from a Civic Corps project at a public regional university and reveal challenges and obstacles that can disrupt the academic careers of Black male collegians. These barriers include the following: (1) University structures and disciplinary hegemony can suppress the needs of first-generation Black students, […]

Taking a Deep Dive into the Emergent Theory of Change

The civic learning and democratic engagement (CLDE) emergent theory of change builds on the 2012 report A Crucible Moment, asking vital questions about higher education’s role in advancing CLDE. Though it can be difficult for practitioners to dive deep into such questions once the school year begins, if they do not continuously ask how their […]

Creating Cohesive Paths to Civic Engagement: Five Approaches to Institutionalizing Civic Engagement

As colleges and universities prioritize civic engagement in the curriculum, there is a need for coherent program design and the diffusion of civic engagement practices throughout the undergraduate experience. The authors suggest that curricular mapping is a powerful catalyst for institutionalizing these practices on campus that can be undertaken with limited resources. Project Pericles launched […]


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