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In addition to materials for themed topics, the eJournal accepts submissions on a continuing basis involving subject matter related but not limited to the journal’s Focus and Scope. This provides a great opportunity to acquire publications for your scholarship work related to civic engagement and public affairs.

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The Tell Your Story section offers a forum to share thoughts, observations, and insight. We are excited to provide an opportunity for community partners, students, and faculty to share their experience and perspective that complements their research, projects, and practice, and includes categories such as research notes, instruments & reports, and invited commentary.

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The eJournal now includes a repository for book reviews. With these book reviews sharing informative insight into what could be useful resources, it was decided to post this collection to make it easier to search and access these publications. The Managing Editor, Darrell Hamlin, oversees the review and decision to publish these materials. For more information contact,  or

Call for Papers: Institutionalizing Community Engagement at the College Level

This eJournal special issue will focus on approaches to Institutionalizing Community Engagement at the College Level.

John Saltmarsh, University of Massachusetts Boston
For inquiries contact:

Michael Middleton, Hunter College

Melissa Quan, Fairfield University

Current efforts to institutionalize community engagement have centered primarily on individual faculty development (to create curricular pathways), department-level engagement (i.e., the engaged department), and/or campus-level institutionalization initiatives. However, significantly less attention has been given to the institutionalization of community engagement at the college level within a university. Colleges (or schools) within a university often have their own well-developed missions and goals embracing community engagement; act as “labs” for testing new ideas, pathways, or strategies for engagement; and have their own natural disciplinary-related base within the community for engagement. This special issue invites submissions that examine organizational processes and components at the college level that support community engagement in order to create a culture of engagement within a college.

Articles addressing college-level engagement will be included from Weber State University’s College of Arts and Humanities, Drexel University’s College of Arts and Sciences, and the University of North Carolina Greensboro’s College of Health and Human Sciences, all of which participated in a research project on college-level engagement. In addition to these manuscripts, the issue will include articles on approaches to Institutionalizing Community Engagement at the College Level from other campuses.

As a general structure for submissions, each article should address:

  • the rationale for college-level institutionalization of community engagement at your institution, including the wider institutional context for community engagement on your campus. Questions to consider:  Do you have the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification? What kinds of institutionalization efforts have been implemented? What kinds of assessment led to college level efforts? etc.
  • the process for college-level institutionalization. Questions to consider:  Was the process led by faculty, by chairs, the dean? Who was involved in the effort? What kinds of assessments informed the effort? How long did it take? What were the interactions with other community engagement offices and activities on campus? etc.
  • the outcomes. Questions to consider: What were the results from your efforts at college-level engagement? What did you learn from the process? How has attention to college-level engagement impacted wider institutionalization of community engagement? What will happen going forward? etc.

The eJournal of Public Affairs is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, open-access electronic journal published by Missouri State University in partnership with the American Democracy Project.  As a multidisciplinary journal, the editors welcome submissions for this issue from the fields of anthropology, communication, economics, history, human geography, political science, sociology, and many others.

For this special issue of the eJournal, the editors are seeking scholarly submissions that address the institutionalization of community engagement at the college level. In addition to articles, the editors will also consider for publication reports, descriptive essays, videos, interviews, photo essays, multimedia, etc., that showcase innovative or exemplary projects that speak to the theme of the special issue.  

Submission Information:

Deadline to submit: July 1, 2018 (earlier submissions appreciated).  All submissions must follow the format outlined on the eJournal website: The target publication date for this issue of the eJournal is Vol. 8 No. 2 June/July 2019.

For more information, visit or e-mail: eJournalPA@


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